Update #5

I figured I should update this even though it’s quite obvious Olli & Arran is 10 pages in. Hope you guys are enjoying the comic! And if you’re not then, well, there are plenty of other comics for you to find on the internet. \o/

Update #4 (New comic coming soon)

It’s been quite a week so I’ve found it hard to focus on comics… but despite it all I felt like I wanted to start posting because making comics still makes me happy. I just finished the cover page and will start inking and the posting the comic soon.

Olli and Arran is a comic that was pitched to me as a fanfic of my characters that were never really meant to be in a fantasy setting by my co-writer . After giving me basically a completed draft with half thumbnails of everything as a comic, they asked me if I wanted to edit it and make a real comic out of it. They also really wanted Esta in a bandit orgy so that got written in too. At first I started it as a joke, but before I knew it I had sketches for a 30 page comic. Since it was us shooting the shit, the comic itself is very indulgent and the page sizes are non-conforming and unfit for print. Oh well!

Since my co-writer and I basically crammed and fought over what we could fit in the comic, it’s a mishmash of sweet childhood fucking, stupidly big size difference, and a big stupid esta x bandit gangbang. I’m not sure if it all comes together but we at least had fun making it.

I’ll start updating Olli & Arran on this website first, and we’ll see if I decide to put it up on HF eventually as well. That site is so janky that I’m not sure I want to go through the process of individually linking the pages and navigation.

Anyways that’s it for now. Keep safe and be good to yourself and others.


Update #2

I added a bunch of slime time pictures in the Gallery-After Dark section. Will be adding these to twitter and hf at a later date.

Update #1

Finally set up this website for my comics and art.  Esta & Mal  and  Isadore!  are finally up and available to read. I have another comic actually being made to add to the series. It’s a doozy (30+ pages) so will take a bit but I already have more than half of it thumbnailed out. Hope to share it sometime in 2021.